Ceilidhs are a great way to bring family and friends together with live music and dance. No-one needs to be an expert ceilidh dancer. In fact, a lot of the fun is learning the dances and making mistakes!


A ceilidh is a Scottish evening (it can also be a daytime event) of music and dance. Dances are interspersed with tunes. Our patient caller (Clare) talks everyone through each dance before the music starts and then calls the steps throughout the dance to keep everyone moving in the right direction—hopefully!


Typically food is included during the event.


Timings for a ceilidh might be look like this:


7.30pm              Background music (guests arrive)

7.45pm              Dancing starts

8.45-9pm           Food (the time needed depends on the numbers eating)

9.30-9.45pm      Dancing continues.

10.30-10.45pm  Close


It is customary to keep your musicians and caller fed and watered : )


We recommend that you make sure that there is enough space in the hall for dancing. Also, all tables should be situated away from the band and not along the sides of the hall. Call us to discuss this further or look at the photos below for ideas about hall size and table spacing. If the hall isn’t very large, then you could always move the tables after eating in order to create more space.


Sometimes, for ceilidhs, we invite musicians we know well to join us if a member of Brimstone is unavailable. So, the line-up for ceilidhs may be slightly different from our usual line up: Keith, Sarah, Mike and Clare.

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